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moooooooooooooooovie night with amit....american dreamz

so amit and i went to see "american dreamz" last night. it was funny for the first 3/4 of the film, and then petered out at the end. the real humor comes not from anything involved in the political satire (although i really did like the very positive portrayal of the relationship between the president and the first lady), but from the hilarious, upper class, indulgent iraqi immigrant family in which omer the terrorist finds himself. that might be the real dream, not mentioned here - the fact that individuals can move here from another country and succeed to the point where the only thing to struggle against is high credit card rates.

still, despite the fun in the beginning of the movie, and an enjoyably craven mandy moore, the ending ruins the movie. so with filmfest dc in town this weekend, this may not be what you should be going to see.


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